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It’s All About Easier Movement.

Flexibles are specially created to move with you – all day long.

Three design styles,
a multitude of choices.

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Contrast SolidsContrasting stretch knit panels are designed to shape and flatter.

Tonal SolidsThese color-code friendly designs are created for continuity in groups.

PrintsFrom whimsical to artistic,
these enjoyable prints are as diverse and colorful as the professionals who wear them.

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The Solid Choice.

Created for comfort. Designed for performance. Flexibles Tonal Solids provide smart color continuity wherever that’s needed. We provide sizes and styles for healthcare heroes of all shapes and sizes. And our outerwear offers an extra layer of warmth when needed.

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iFlex Is The Movement Master.

It’s Flexibles 2.0. With soft-knit panels and round-the-clock comfort, iFlex is as responsive as you are. State of the art, four-way stretch fabric wicks away moisture, while still offering easy wash & wear care.

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